Walking trails – hiking on Orø


One of Orø’s distinctive features is its many walking trails. A walk on one of these can give you the opportunity to experience Orø’s many native shore birds, animals and plant life. The 14 km complete route is marked with posts, but it is recommended that you also have a map to go by. At several spots along the way there are also posts which give information on the natural surroundings.

Walking on the trails is done on nature’s own terms, so you are recommended to be sensibly dressed with clothes that can withstand both various ground conditions and the weather.

The footpaths kan be marshy or muddy in places depending on weather conditions. On the Orø map the least negotiable stretches are marked with red or blue.

A few stretches follow alongside Orø’s roads. For safety’s sake always remember to walk on the left-hand side of the road, facing traffic.


Horse riding is permitted on the walking trails except on the stretches marked red or blue. Riders are requested always to exercise common sense while riding, and not unnecessarily churn up the surface of the trails. For further information on riding on the trails please contact Lene Dodds at Orø Rideklub: tel. 2878 5047


You will come across benches at spots along Orø’s walking trails, so you can have a well-earned rest! They are marked on the map with a small symbol.


Download this map showing the walking trails – just click on the image below.


Tour 1 goes from the harbour at Brønde along the west coast, past the the windmills and Nature School Orø Strand to Orø Camping.

Tour 2 goes from Orø Camping around the headland Børrehoved and around the bay Salvig to Næsbyvej.

Tour 3 goes from Næsby in the north through the summer-house area on the west coast, around the headland Næsset and back to Næsby and Gl. Snave ferry jetty.

Tour 4 goes from Næsby south to Hegnegården’s boundary, from here to the stretch that continues along the east coast, parallel with fencing alongside the meadows. Right after Olufsminde the trail divides – the one goes straight on to Gamløse and the other turns south towards Østre Ferry.

Tour 5 goes from Orø Church up over Stensbjerg to the museum.

NB: Dogs must be held on their leash. Fires and camping are not permitted.

At certain places you may find the path “broken”, but usually no worse than, by wearing sturdy shoes or boots, it can be negotiated.


Along the island’s walking trails there are posts with arrows pointing the way. They are white on a blue background.