Activities on Orø

Whether you seek art and culture, the beauty of nature, peace and quiet or an active holiday – you will find it on Orø.

Hike the over 14 km. of footpaths and discover Orø’s rich flora and fauna up close. You can be lucky to see seals and swans and perhaps encounter hare, deer, fox, pheasants and a host of other bird species which thrive on the island. Too, try finding the shy and rare orchid, Mygblomsten, which grows here.

If you prefer a tour on two wheels, you can rent a bike at Orøkontor and see Orø’s delights easily and at little cost.

Orø’s coasts also offer attractive activities whether it is bathing at the island’s beach or fishing for eel, flatfish, garfish or the coveted sea trout. The Isefjord is reportedly one of the best angling waters for this particular fish.

If you are really adventurous, you can go on a “treasure hunt” with the new popular activity for children and adults, namely Geocaching. With your smartphone in hand, you can discover Orø’s “treasures” and enjoy the island in a fun and challenging way.