Two ferry routes make Orø easily accessible. With under an hour’s drive from Copenhagen to the Østre Ferry at Hammer Bakker and the 6 minute crossing to the island, the trip is made in just an hour’s travelling time.

Østre Ferry has a regular 20 minute daytime schedule. Or you can drive to Holbæk from Copenhagen in 45 minutes, then take the Holbæk-Orø Ferry for a pleasant 30 minute trip on the Isefjord before arriving at the island. If instead you choose to travel by train to Holbæk, it is just a 10 minute walk through the town to the ferry.


Taking a tour all the way around the Isefjord is an exhiliarating experience in every sense of the word, and suitable for all ages. Buy a combined ticket for all four ferries, and travel at the tempo and by the means that suits you best. Quite apart from the lovely scenery, the tour offers a number of landmarks and attractions, to which your ticket gives a discount.

Driving by car, the tour takes you on both Orø-ferries, Rørvig, Kulhuse and Hundested ferries. An even greater experience is to walk or cycle along the Fjord-path, which goes almost all the way around the fjord, often along the actual shoreline. For more information on the Fjord-path and the ferries visit


With a 10 minute walk to the Holbæk ferry from Holbæk train station travelers can easily get to Orø from across the country. Find info on departure times via Rejseplanen here. Simply enter the departure place and time, we’ll do the rest.